About Marie…

Hi, I’m a Singer, songwriter from near the Devon / Cornwall border in England. I had piano lessons until I left school. Occasionally I played a song that I had learnt during my piano lessons and for a period I taught the piano part-time. About 6 years ago, I sat at the piano and tried to write a song, which is where I am now. My website contains some of the songs and video’s I have managed to record:

‘Songs’ are those that I have tried to produce, and ‘songs (draft)’ are songs I’ve recorded for future reference. Please have a look around.

Autumn Leaves

My Influences…

None… That can’t be true? I didn’t listen to much music as a teenager (just sheet music from having piano lessons!), as I lived on a farm, and was always outside, or too busy!! I must have had some sort of influence, but can only guess that was from listening to a variety of songs on the radio. I am influenced by emotions and feelings triggered by things I see around me. This can be a good film, a story I’ve read or heard and the people around me!

My Song was Played on BBC Radio
My Song was Played on BBC Radio


My song ‘Autumn Leaves’ is to be played on BBC Introducing, on BBC Radio Cornwall on 01/03/2015! Wow!!

If you would like to contact me, please click ‘here’, or you can visit my YouTube Channel ‘nnarie’.

You can hear some of my early songs on ‘SoundCloud’“These are all my first attempts at recording and producing, so hopefully they sound OK. Go have a listen and see what you think?”


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